What happens during the treatment?

“Most of us know someone with braces, but what actually happens during treatment?”
Early screening of children is important to prevent problems at an older age. We also treat adults - even 70 years and older - because everyone deserves beautiful teeth. Come and meet our team

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What can you expect from us?

Step 1: Introduction

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that initial orthodontic evaluation should take place at the first signs of an orthodontic problem or no later than the age of seven. Early and prudent intervention can prevent serious problems later. As a rule, you can start treatment from the age of ten, and in some cases even a little earlier. The first time you visit us, you are sure to have many questions, which is why we set aside enough time for the first appointment. We explain and demonstrate everything clearly. We will discuss whether or not it would be sensible to start treatment.

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Which braces are right for you?

There are various sorts of braces. Which braces are the best for you? That depends on your dental abnormality. Among others, we fit the following braces: fixed braces, removable braces such as activators, plate braces, outside braces, Invisalign and retainers.


Step 2: Calculating the price

If the answer is ‘yes’, then we will first clarify what the treatment will cost. You will then have a realistic idea of the time that we think will be needed. The second appointment will follow if you agree with the estimate.


Step 3: ‘Documenting’ your teeth, diagnostic records

To ensure the best possible treatment, we need as much information about your teeth as possible. We can do this with x-ray photographs or facial pictures. We also make digital study models.

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Step 4: Discussing the treatment plan

We will discuss the treatment plan at the next appointment. What will we do? We will analyze this together so that the first steps in the treatment will not be a surprise.

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Step 5: Fitting the braces

After this, the braces are usually fitted. One or more appointments might be required, depending on what we have to do. You will return to us several times over the next few weeks. At first, this does take some getting used to, which is why we think it better to see you more often in the first weeks.

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Step 6 and onwards: follow-up appointments

Once your braces have been fitted, you will come back to us regularly. In most cases, we will make a new appointment for six to eight weeks from then. In the meantime, your teeth will have moved slightly more into the right position. The follow-up appointment is to ensure that things are going according to plan. This is when the braces are readjusted. The old wire is removed from the braces and new wire is put in place.

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How long does the treatment take?

That might be the most frequently asked question in our practice. However, there’s no easy answer. Each treatment is different. Everyone has different problems. Your age and how your teeth develop can also be determining factors. It is also sensible to follow all dental recommendations. Most patients have to be treated for two to two-and-a-half years.

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Finished, but…

Are your teeth how you want them? Congratulations. But do bear in mind that your teeth are not yet fixed in their new position and still need to grow into place. You will use a ‘retainer’ for a little while to prevent your teeth from moving. A retainer is either a fixed wire behind the teeth or a brace made of synthetic resin, which keeps your teeth in place. At the start, you will use the retainer day and night. Then we will check how the retainer is working.

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