When should you look for an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that initial orthodontic evaluation should take place at the first signs of an orthodontic problem or no later than the age of seven. Early and prudent intervention can prevent serious problems later. As a rule, you can start treatment from the age of ten, and in some cases even a little earlier.
We also treat adults - even 70 years and older - because everyone deserves a beautiful smile!

How is the decision process for a treatment at Sanders Mello Orthodontics?

At Sanders-Mello Orthodontics, we inform the patient about treatment options with the best available evidence. Patients take an active role in decision making, they are supported to consider options and to make a conscious decision. With this shared-decision approach, we achieve high levels of patient compliance during the treatment.

Who will take care of you during your orthodontic treatment?

All our staff is trained to assist you during your treatment. Who will actually treat you depends on what is going to happen on that specific appointment. It may be an assistant, an oral hygienist or a dentist.

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