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Sanders-Mello Orthodontics is an orthodontic office led by Fernanda Sanders-Mello, after who the practice is named. Dr. Sanders -Mello has been helping people smile more confidently since 1991. After a long career, she settled in Wassenaar, with a team of which she is immensely proud.

Sanders-Mello Orthodontics’ mission is based on four main values: empowerment of patients, quality, modernity, and trust. We deliver a high standard orthodontic treatment to our patients supported by the latest available technology. We see an orthodontic treatment as an investment that will last a lifetime, therefore it is important to choose a team you can trust.

Our team creates a positive, friendly and professional environment in which all clients feel comfortable. Alongside meeting each client’s orthodontic needs, we take pride in improving their quality of life and welcome new clients to invest in their smile.

Make today the beginning of our journey. Be empowered by your new smile.
Sanders Mello Orthodontics: the beginning of a beautiful smile.

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