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Our working method

Going to the orthodontist. How does that actually work?

Are you thinking about seeing an orthodontist? Or have you already made an appointment for an introduction? Then read about what to expect with us.

Step 1: Introduction - the initial consultation

During the initial consultation, we examine your teeth, jaw position and face, discuss your medical background and wishes, and inquire about treatment options. Together, we discuss the start of treatment. If immediate treatment is necessary, we schedule a more extensive examination and follow-up appointment. The introduction takes about 20 minutes and can take place online.

Step 2: extensive research

During the second step, we take various images of your teeth, jaw and face, including x-rays or digital photographs and a dental scan.

With this data, we create an individual treatment plan, which explains step by step how the orthodontic treatment will proceed and what you can expect.

This appointment takes about 30 minutes.

Excellent treatment! I was impressed with the technology. Great staff. Very clear communication and wonderful results. Absolutely highly recommended!

Guilherme Teixeira

Step 3: discuss individual treatment plan

We'll schedule an appointment to go over your individual treatment plan, including benefits, possible drawbacks, expectations, alternatives and costs. You can ask all your questions about the plan and costs.

Please note that reimbursements for braces treatment may be partially covered by supplemental orthodontics insurance, so it is important to carefully check with your health insurance company.

We will ask you to sign the cost estimate and then schedule an appointment for placement of the braces.

Step 4: Orthodontic treatment

We implement the individual treatment plan. We work on improving the position of your teeth and, if necessary, your jaw as well. Depending on your age and the specific needs of your teeth, we use different types of braces for this purpose. The length of time can also vary significantly, usually one to three years. During treatment, we schedule regular check-up appointments to monitor the progress of your orthodontic treatment and make adjustments to your braces, on average every 4 to 8 weeks.

Your commitment is required to meet treatment goals within the estimated time frame. In addition to following our instructions, it is important to keep your mouth, teeth and braces clean.

Curious about what types of braces are available?

Step 5: brace removal and aftercare

After the braces are removed, it is essential to maintain the teeth in the correct position. Aftercare is just as important as the treatment itself for maintaining results and long-term dental health. This is often done by placing a splint wire behind the upper and/or lower teeth, which should remain in place for life. In addition, you often get an invisible night retainer to wear at night for 1.5 to 2 years after treatment. During this period, you will come in for checkups about 6 more times. After this last period, the treatment is completely finished.

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