Fixed braces

Most people get fixed braces. The wire is held by brackets, which should move your teeth into the proper position. In our practice, we work with self-ligating brackets. These are fixed braces that provide more comfort and reduce treatment time. With ordinary fixed braces, the wire is attached with small, colored elastic ties. The force exerted by the braces ensures that the teeth are repositioned. With self-ligating braces, the wire can move easily, because there is far less friction with the teeth. The wire is secured firmly behind a metal clip. With these braces, you do not need to return for a follow-up appointment as often. Self-ligating braces cost slightly more; However, you save on appointments as the treatment period is shorter.

With fixed braces you must really watch what you eat. Do not eat any hard foods such as nuts, apples, or even French bread. This could result in a bracket becoming detached. Braces make it difficult to brush your teeth and restrict the areas of contact with the brush. For this reason, it’s a good idea to brush three times a day, for five minutes. Are you bothered by ridges along your molars that irritate your cheeks or tongue? A little bit of wax really works wonders.

Upper jaw expanders

Palatal expanders, also known as slow maxillary expanders, are used to widen the upper jaw of young children. At an early age, the upper jaw consists of left and right halves that can be very effectively expanded to prevent problems later in life. Upper jaw expansion becomes less effective as you get older. As the name suggests, this is a slow process. The expander is screwed outwards once a day. There will be a gap between the front teeth after treatment. Following treatment, the teeth will have the space to grow properly next to each other, after which the gap will disappear. The expander can be removed and re-inserted but should really be used throughout the day, even when sleeping.

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Mandibular Repositioning Appliance (MRA)

Sometimes braces alone are not enough and additional treatment is required. Some options may be:

- AdvanSync
- Forsus springs

These appliances should be periodically adjusted. You can make an appointment with us for this.

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