Dr. Sanders-Mello has been working with aligners since 2001, and we are very proud to be Invisalign® Diamond providers.

Invisalign® have been used by dentists and orthodontists since 1998 and more than three million treatments have now been performed successfully.

What are aligners?

Aligners are a type of removable braces made of thin plastic. They are almost-invisible aligners that orthodontists and dentists use to optimize the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth.
The aligners are made of thin plastic and fit snugly over your teeth. You put in a new set every other week, so that your teeth are gradually moved into position.

Benefits of Invisalign®

• Comfortable braces
• Take them out and re-insert them yourself (removable)
• Transparent aligners
• Very discreet and aesthetic
• Larger intervals between appointments

More information about Invisalign aligners

How do the aligners work?

We start by scanning your teeth with our iTero scanner .

Then, we make a digital simulation of your treatment from your digital model. For each step of this treatment, a 3D model is printed and an aligner is fabricated. And for every week of your treatment, you have a different set of aligners (each aligner may be used from 5 -14 days, depending on your treatment plan and your age). Also, you are able to go to the next aligner yourself, without the need to come for an appointment every week. Therefore, your teeth are gradually moved into a better position with each aligner.

In order to move teeth, we have to apply forces to its surface. In the fixed braces, we used the brackets to do so. With Invisalign, we use something more esthetic, the attachments.

What are attachments?

Attachments are shapes strategically attached to your teeth made with a teeth-colored composite, being very discreet. The number and position of attachments in your treatment depends on what type of movement is needed. The aligners fit around the attachments, which gives them something to push on. Once your treatment is completed, the attachments are removed.

How does Invisalign work?

Simulate your new smile

• Scan the QR code
• Take a selfie
• Check out a simulation of your smile

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FAQs about Invisalign®

What to expect from my Invisalign treatment?
At the beginning of the treatment, the attachments are placed and we give you a few aligners so you can change them yourself until your next appointment. An appointment to check your progress usually happens every 8 to 10 weeks. Check-up appointments are used to control whether your teeth are moving according to the simulation (tracking). During these appointments, there might be a change of attachment, the addition of elastics or adjustments to your aligners.

Is it faster to be treated with aligners than with fixed braces?
Not necessarily, but, in simple cases, treatment time might be reduced in half a year. Aligners must be worn 22 hours/day to result in a predictable treatment; therefore, patient compliance plays an important role in this type of treatment.

Is there an age limit to use Invisalign?
No, there is no age restriction to use Invisalign, considering that your case has an indication for orthodontic treatment.

Can any case be treated with Invisalign?
Yes. More complex cases may, however, require extra technology such as anchorage devices (miniscrews or miniplates).

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Can I also get straight teeth with Invisalign?

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