A dental plate is a plate that rests against the palate, and is made of synthetic resin. Its purpose is to let your teeth get used to their new position. You wear the plate all day and all night. At first, you will notice that it takes some getting used to. Talking and swallowing are a little different. But the more you wear the plate, the sooner you will get used to it. When you first put in the plate, it will be quite a tight fit. This is what it was designed for, after all. If the treatment is successful, the plate will continue to become looser and looser. This is a sign that things are going according to plan. Most dental plates have a raised surface for incisors on which you can bite. This allows your teeth to grow towards each other on their own.


Many people’s upper and lower teeth do not fit properly against each other. In this case, your orthodontist will opt for removable braces (activators).These help to get your jaw into the right position. The braces are made of synthetic resin. The longer you wear removable braces, the greater the effect. In some cases, you do not have to wear them all day long; sixteen hours is usually sufficient. However, it is important to wear your braces every day.

They will certainly take some getting used to. You will feel them immediately after fitting. A sore or blister may form, but a little bit of synthetic resin will make the pain go away quickly. Talking and swallowing will also be a little different. However, after a short time, wearing braces will almost feel normal and they will continue to fit looser. That’s right. Your teeth will be moving into the right position. Clean your braces with a toothbrush.

External braces

If something in your upper jaw needs to change, external braces are the best solution. These are metal braces that are fastened to your teeth. The braces are attached to your head with a neck strap. This exerts force on your teeth, moving them into the proper position. External braces are usually used in conjunction with other braces. They do take some getting used to, and you must wear them even at night.

You will certainly feel the braces initially. In fact, it can be quite annoying to feel your teeth being forced into position. However, you will get used to this after just a few weeks, and then you will no longer feel anything. Your orthodontist will arrange with you how many hours a day the braces should be worn. You should obviously take off the external braces when exercising. This should be done carefully. Ensure that nothing is damaged and make sure that you follow the accompanying instructions.

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