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Our Mission

We want to empower patients by increasing their self-confidence. In our patients’ daily life, we want them to feel more confident to smile. We achieve our goal by encouraging patients to invest in their smiles. With a technological and innovative orthodontic care, we help patients live better lives. More about us

Our team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a wonderful experience at Sanders-Mello Orthodontie. Meet our team

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Download our app to make, view and change your appointment. You can also view photos of our teeth and the progress made. Available for iPhone and Android. Learn more about it

Where to start your treatment?

The first step is to contact us . After that, we will evaluate your case, make a documentation off your teeth and give you options on your treatment plan. Check out the treatment steps here .

Which braces are right for you?

There are different braces: aligners, fixed braces, removable braces... Which one is the best for you depends on your treatment plan.
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First aid tips

Are you having problems with your braces?
Here are some helpful tips!


“Very high-end technology, great people and great service.”

– F. Lyppens


“Excellent service! The orthodontist took good care of my teeth, I could not have wished for a better orthodontist!”

- M. Kathmann


“Excellent treatment! I was impressed by the technology. Great staff. Very clear communication and wonderful results. Definitely recommend!”

– G. Teixeira

Announcements: everything you need to know

Also download the app

With the app you can view appointments. You can also view photos of your teeth and the progress made. Download our app here.

Waiting list

At the moment, there is a three-month waiting list.

Information about COVID-19/coronavirus

All information about COVID-19/coronavirus you can find here

Straight teeth with Invisalign?

See the possibilities.