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Anything loose or broken off your braces? Check out our tips for not disrupting treatment.

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The orthodontist for a perfect smile

Getting your teeth corrected? Get it done at orthodontics practice Sanders Mello in Wassenaar. We have been a trusted partner since 2004. You can come to us for various treatments. With only one result: a perfect smile!

In 5 steps to beautiful teeth

Introduction - the initial consultation

What can you expect when you visit us? We are happy to explain that in the initial interview.


Extensive research

During this examination, we collect various data so that an individual treatment plan can be drawn up.


Discuss individual treatment plan

We will go over your individual treatment plan and give you the opportunity to ask your questions.


Orthodontic treatment

An exciting moment: your braces! Sometimes it can be done in one appointment, sometimes in several.


Braces removal and aftercare

Once the braces are out, of course you want everything to stay neat and tidy. We take care of that, too!


We are happy to help!

Orthodontiepraktijk Sanders Mello in Wassenaar has all the knowledge to help you properly. Wondering who will soon be looking in your mouth?

I had a great experience at Sanders Mello. The staff is very friendly and attentive. And the dental care, the best I have ever had! Dr. Ursula is very nice and professional. Will definitely refer others.

Livia Gonçalves

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